Monday 13 July 2015

selfies and questionable videos

I don't know if your kid(s) have figured out how to take pictures and videos on your apple devices, or if you even have an apple device.  for the purposes of this blog and because it's what our house has and knows, let's say you do.

if they haven't, I can't honestly comment as to whether I consider this a pro or a con.  probably both.

mine has. 

as a result, all our Apple devices are chalk full of, for the most part, blurred and misaligned selfies, a zillion shots of his toes, the couch arm, the ceiling, complete blackness and the occasional perfectly composed shot of his junk.  

and those are just the photos.

it took a little while, but the draw of the red record button was eventually too much to resist. so then we had (still have) hundreds u
pon hundreds of video clips, ranging from 1 second to 10+ minutes long, depending on whether he forgets he's pressed record and wanders off.

the videos are animated versions of his photos.  lots of close ups of his face, his toes, the couch arm, the ceiling, total blackness. LOTS of scratchy running around the house with the ipad jostling under his arm, so many of his sweet voice repeating all his new words (predominantly sixty-six of course) and recently, some pretty graphic videos of his junk.

this boy knows exactly what he is doing.

won't give you the fine details of the junk videos, but use your imagination and you won't be far off.

maybe some parents would be horrified or ashamed or whatever unnecessary emotion people feel they need to attach to bodies or bodily functions.  not us. we laughed. hard.

I try to remember to go through the photos and videos on his ipad every night to delete the anywhere from 30-1500 pics and vids he's taken that day (he often just holds the shutter down for minutes at a time taking 400 of the exact same picture) but I'll admit, occasionally, I forget.

as a result, if a photo or video of my kids dangley bits shows up on FB or instagram, rest assured it's just because he's figured out how to do that too (and I forgot to clean up his ipad).


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  1. Kate, I love your stories, and you are such a terrific writer. Your descriptions of life with Mylo - who he is, how you see and experience him - are engaging and humorous and full of wonderful detail that really make him come alive for me. Reading your posts on Facebook over these past few years has been like reading short chapters of a fascinating, heart-rending, HEART-WARMING, hilarious and poignant story that never ends. You have amassed such a dedicated audience, and you continue to give us such a wide and clear window into your life with Mylo and into the person he is; and into your amazing partnership with Rogan. What a team you are. Every kid, regardless of whether they have autism or not, should be so lucky to have parents as compassionate, open, wise, patient and FUN as you and Rogan. You are an outstanding extension of Mylo's experience. Please keep posting - include his beautiful photos and videos (maybe not the ones of his junk) and consider taking this further - outside the realm of the online - some public speaking, perhaps? (hint hint). Your voice is unique and powerful; it has so much value and I think many, many others would benefit from your depth of understanding about your son. Consider :) Love you xoxo