Wednesday 15 July 2015

funny shit happens in the bathroom.

you know when you sit down to pee and your 5 year old walks up and pees between your legs?

no, you probably don't.   carry on.

you know when you give your 5 year old two sets of foam letters and numbers for the tub and he routinely spells out 666?

ya, me too.

tonight he spelled two of his new favorite words.  sheep and down.  I swear to you I have said and spelled the word sheep thousands of times in the last few days.  it's a real 'thing' at the moment.

he got creative with the word down tonight.  found all the m's
and w's and added them in along with all the o's and 0's.  then he flipped the W's upside down.   much hilarity ensued.

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